About Lifeditt

All about us

Lifeditt’s mission is to give people back the value of their data and provide a unique repository of data to the world. People use Lifeditt to connect with and explore around them; the world uses Lifeditt to create a more connected tomorrow. Lifeditt brings the world closer together through data and knowledge. We work quickly and efficiently to be the best and create solutions in a fast growing industry.

We want you to challenge yourself at every opportunity and know that to bring Lifeditt to a global scale we need people to feel comfortable. We trust and believe in you all the way and know that the late night worker might not work as well in the morning. We want you to be you in order to make the world become one.

You work to your own self-imposed deadlines and you are the only one that knows how you can best make that journey. We are precise with our goals and ambitions and work efficiently as a team at every step.

Our founder Martin White is an efficient and determined worker with extreme focus on time management and a desire to change the world in which we live for the better. Martin is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for Lifeditt.


Our Vision

To provide people with a universal income from their data and being the central hub for data and data projects that can create a safer and more connected world.

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Meet our ever expanding team

We are always bringing in more people to the Lifeditt team. Check the careers sections to see any vacancies.

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Application Manager

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Senior Developer

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Business Analyst

Perks of the Lifehouse

We want to make your workplace more than a place of work.

Health Coverage

Enjoy private health care and gym membership with the Lifeditt health package.

Unlimited Coffee

If you can't run without your morning coffee then don't worry, we have you covered. If you can't be bothered to make your own coffee then grab one of Starbucks gift vouchers and grab whatever you want.

Flexible Vacations

We believe you should work the hours you need to work in order to get the work done. If you can get the work done from a tropical island and can still make the handover meeting then we are fine with that. Obviously we make sure we don't miss our deadlines if we've spent the last six weeks at Disneyworld

Keep Learning

Make use of the Lifeditt library to keep up to date with the latest skills and techniques within the industry. We hire you for what you can become,not for who you are.

Free Snack Bar

Infinite food. Does that hit the spot?

Gaming Room

Do we need to say more... oh we do. How about classic consoles, VR and table football.