AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence tools for your business

Lifeditt’s artificial intelligence tools bring customer analysis and data monitoring to the next level for your business.


Unrivaled Levels of Metrics

The permission and reward system integrated into Lifeditt and its app means it’s possible to track metrics that you didn’t even realise existed for your business.

Target Customers

Has your market research led you to target the wrong customer? Our AI Tools show you connections that your customers have that you may not have even considered, clearly identifying new target markets in order of hierarchy.

Advertising Triggers

Some adverts identify your product, others sell your product. Our unique advertising within websites allows us to connect the customer to the product and find out what the trigger points are for you and your business.

Location Tracking and Reporting

Our service is unique and allows customers to give permission, in return for financial reward, to better identify them as they browse your store. Are promotions being missed? View heat maps and dead areas of your physical shop.

Marketing Campaigns

How much are you wasting targeting customers that just aren't interested in your products. Target users that you know are right for you and don't waste a single marketing effort.