Lifeditt Points

Lifeditt Points

Lifeditt Points (LDP) are the future of financial transactions, that bring the user back to the frontrunner of the web. A user collects LDPs by using the web in exactly the same way as before, except now they receive financial reward by making their data available for advertisers, researchers and developers. Users can exchange LDPs for goods or services and can purchase up front using our lending system in order to allow users to purchase based on their data history and potential rewards.

55% - Targeted Advertising
25% - Data Rewards
10% - API Integrations
10% - AI Tools

Average LDP ratio

Our market research has led us to believe that the average LDP is built up from the following percentages.

LDPs are always incrementing for Lifeditt users, even as they the browse the web. The 0% transaction fee encourages suppliers to reduce purchase prices which in turn leads to increased sales.

Always incrementing
0.0% transaction fee
Increased sales