Creating the universal income solution
The future of shopping

Lifeditt’s unique shopping experience allows users to purchase products or services in exchange for the monetary value of their data. The supplier still receives a pay-out in the traditional way except with additional savings as there is a 0% transaction fee.

Shopping and Services

With a unique algorithm providing the link between a user’s data, sharing, popularity and a financial value; we have managed to create the future of shopping allowing users to purchase products or services from our partners without having to spend any money. We are also able to offer our partners the opportunity to sell with 0% transaction fees, meaning more money in the pocket for our users and our suppliers.

Data Based Lending

Lifeditt allows users to purchase products or services without making a financial transaction based on the potential data value of their profile, whilst also maintaining limited risk by holding card details, or offering renegotiated privacy sharing rules such as tracking location, should they not meet the transaction requirements e.g. somebody can purchase a handbag in exchange for sharing their location at all times and no financial risk for the supplier. We believe this will lead to a small section of society becoming a data based universal income group


The Result of Our Work

Supply your product or service to customers with increased customer knowledge, safer transactions and 0% transaction fees.



Lifeditt brings the world closer together through data and knowledge. We work quickly and efficiently to be the best and create solutions in a fast growing world.